JOHN FOXX will mark his 35th anniversary as a solo artist with the release of a new compilation, ’20th Century: The Noise’, which will be available from July 27th.
The release covers the years from Foxx’s debut solo single ‘Underpass’ in January 1980 to the the end the last century, covering to his albums with Louis Gordon, Shifting City and Omnedelic Exotour in 1997 and 1998. There album also features the rare track ‘Splendour’, plus an unreleased instrumental track entitled ‘Musique Electron’.
JOHN FOXX - 20th Century: The Noise (2015)

A companion album, ’21st Century: A Man, A Woman And A City’ is scheduled for later this year.
20th Century / Underpass / No-One Driving (Single Version) / Burning Car / He’s A Liquid (Alternative Version) / A Long Time / Miles Away / Europe After The Rain / This Jungle / Dancing Like A Gun / Endlessly / The Hidden Man / The Noise / Through My Sleeping / Hiroshima Mon Amour – (Foxx & Gordon Version) / Musique Electron / Splendour